Little Gypsy Blog: Willows Magical Unicorn Party



Choosing the theme for Willows 5th birthday party was an easy decision. Not only are they every five year old girls’ 

most favourite thing in the world, they are EVERYWHERE at the moment!

The party started with the girls picking their outfits, and then our beautiful stylist Bec from Not My Wardrobe then put 

all the girls hair in fun buns

with glitter, and matching eyeshadow! The girls were so excited to play dress ups.


    Then we let them out onto Burleigh Hill where the party had been set up earlier that morning!


  We figured little girls love pinatas, but don't necessarily want to beat one with a stick!!!! So we gave each of the girls

a mini unicorn pinata to fill as their party favour ($3ea on ebay), and also a Unicorn Sticker Book (Kmart $3ea) and 

a "Thelma the Unicorn" book by Aaron Blabey (Big W $5ea).


  The amazing creatives at Heads & Tales created these gorgeous images of Willow riding a unicorn, which were 

made into die-cut 3D cupcake toppers (we thought we had enough sweets so we used them for strawberries...the

great thing about these is they can be used for virtually anything!) Heads and Tales also supplied us with these little 

favour bottles (come with ribbon and die-cut image of Willow & Unicorn to tie on once filled) which we filled with pink 

smarties (eBay $7/500g) and decorated the table with. Heads and Tales also supplied us with big images (25cm x 

20cm) which we decorated the party area with! (see below). 

The amazing girls at The Vanilla Rabbit supplied us with this gorgeous Unicorn package which included 

yummy unicorn shaped sugar cookies as well as clouds, gold hearts and stars and "W" plaques in honor of the 

birthday girl, and these absolutely divine macaroons.



  The girls had the best afternoon, dressing up, playing pass the parcel, filling their pinatas, playing with their little 

sticker & story books, unwrapping presents, playing in the teepee (supplied by Willow & the Little Gypsies) and 

playing ukulele and RIDING UNICORNS!

This amazing ride-on unicorn was supplied by HipKids, and attracts attention everywhere it goes



        And, I think the most important part of throwing a party.....the photographer!The memories of all of your hard 

work, and the perfect day unfolding need to be captured! 

If you don't have the budget for a professional (although I definitely recommend it- there are some great party 

photography packages out there), make sure you a designate a person to take pics. 

Don't get to the end and be disappointed because you were having such a great time and enjoying yourself so much 

that you didn't have time to keep whipping out the iPhone!  These images were captured by our absolutely amazing 

photographer Amber Murley. 







Clothing by Willow & the Little Gypsies

Unicorn Cake, Biscuit & Macaroon Package by The Vanilla Rabbit

Styling, Hair & Makeup Package by Bec Purcell at Not My Wardrobe

Photography Package by Amber Murley Photography

Ride On Unicorn supplied by HipKids

Party Decorations by Heads and Tales

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